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Commercial Truck Weight Enforcement In Florida

In the trucking industry, weight restrictions exist to keep the truck driver and all others on the road safe. A few different factors play a role in these weight restrictions, but it’s always vital for the trucking company and driver to adhere to the maximum weight allowance for their sized truck and trailer. Below, we’ll detail some of the weight restrictions to know and how problems can arise.

Weight Limits

The first thing to know is that the maximum weight allowable for trucks is 80,000 pounds. However, weight restrictions can be lower based on the number of axles and the distance between any group of two or more axles. For instance, a truck with just two axles will have a maximum weight allowance of 44,000 pounds no matter the distance between.

Trucks with three axles max out at 66,000 pounds, and four-axle trucks max out at 76,000 pounds. Trucks with five or more axles can max out at 80,000 pounds unless there’s a shorter distance between the groups of axles. Not only would Florida law penalize trucking companies or drivers for going over the weight limits, but these trucks can also pose numerous dangers to those on the road.

Dangers of Overweight or Improperly Loaded Trucks

When a commercial truck weighs more than it should, there’s a significant risk of an accident. The heavy weight creates an increased risk of a roll-over accident. It’s also more vulnerable on steep hills or sharp turns that could cause the truck to overturn, jackknife, or separate from the trailer.

Not only does the truck need to meet weight restrictions, but it’s also necessary to ensure the truck is loaded evenly. If one side weighs more than the other, it also increases the risk of a crash. Even a strong wind gust can cause the trailer to overturn and hit other vehicles.

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