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Most Dangerous Highways In Florida for Trucking Accidents

Highways are some of the most common locations for severe crashes. Higher speeds, more congestion, and other problems make for potential crashes on highways throughout Florida. Below, we will detail some of the most dangerous highways in the state when it comes to truckers and accidents.

The I-95

Interstate 95 is one of the more dangerous highways in the state. It’s one of the major highways and popular for tourists and inexperienced drivers. In particular, there’s a nearly 4-mile stretch of the highway where the fatality rate is higher than the rest of the road.

The I-4

Interstate 4 has earned the nickname “The Haunted Highway” for a reason. Travelers from Daytona Beach to Tampa know just how dangerous the highway can be, and it’s an even greater risk with large commercial trucks traveling across the state.

The I-10

Interstate 10 travels across most northern parts of Florida and toward the west coast. It’s a popular highway for commercial trucks making the cross-country trip for deliveries. Unfortunately, that also means there’s a high chance of a potential crash.

The I-75

This interstate travels from Florida to Michigan, covering more than 470 miles. There are roughly 47.2 fatal crashes for every 100 miles. Many of the dangers arise because of the congestion and road’s safety issues, and commercial trucks can only add to the dangers.

The trucking industry is complex, and more than just drivers can hold liability following a crash. When a truck accident occurs, it’s vital to speak with a lawyer who can help you navigate the situation. Staying safe is the priority, but if you can’t avoid a crash, you’re at risk of severe injuries.

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