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Florida Is Nation’s Most Deadly State for Pedestrians

Florida is the nation’s most deadly state for pedestrians, according to a recent report by Smart Growth America. Florida claims seven of the ten most dangerous metropolitan areas for pedestrians, including the cities of OrlandoLakeland, and Tampa. The Orlando, Kissimmee, and Sanford areas were rated third most dangerous. The Lakeland and Winter Haven communities were rated sixth and Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater were rated seventh.

While many cities have adopted plans to help improve street safety, such as adding better lighting and beacon crossings, pedestrians can also follow these safety tips to help keep them safe.

Be Visible

  • When walking at night make sure to use a flashlight
  • Cross streets in well-lit areas
  • Use crosswalks
  • Stand clear of obstacles that could block you from a driver’s view
  • Make eye contact with drivers whenever possible to ensure they see you before you walk in front of them

Be Alert

  • Use the sidewalk whenever possible
  • Do not assume that vehicles will stop
  • Pay attention to backup lights and engine noise
  • Do not walk and text at the same time – put your phone away
  • Do not wear headphones

Be Careful

  • Obey pedestrian traffic signals
  • Do not just rely on pedestrian walking signals – look both ways before crossing into traffic
  • Be diligent to look for turning vehicles – make sure the driver notices you and will stop for you to cross
  • Make sure you have a clear path on all lanes before stepping into the road
  • Do not assume motorists in every lane will stop for you even if one does
  • Stay sober

A pedestrian’s eyes and ears are key tools in preventing accidents. Always pay attention to what is happening around you, especially when you are crossing busy intersections and streets.

When a driver pays more attention to their phone than their driving, they can cause an accident leaving victims with medical bills and serious injuries. If you were injured by a distracted driver or a negligent driver, Burnetti, P.A.’s pedestrian accident lawyers may be able to help. Call (888) 444-8508 for a no-obligation free case review.