two drivers discussing after an accident

Why Wouldn’t a Rideshare Driver Report an Accident?

After a rideshare accident, the rideshare driver must follow protocol and report the crash via their app. However, not all drivers are willing to do so for one reason or another. It’s crucial to report the crash on your own instead of assuming that the driver will do it.

It’s crucial to seek help from an attorney who can help you through the process. Remember, drivers look after themselves following a collision, and they may not be willing to do what must be done after a crash.

They Don’t Want to Jeopardize Their Record

Typically, rideshare companies look at a driver’s record when they determine if someone can work for them. As such, drivers try to keep their records as clean as possible. A crash can taint that, making it so that the person’s job is in jeopardy.

Drivers don’t want to lose their job. They also want to maintain their status to work for a rideshare company in the future. So when a crash occurs, they may not report the collision as they should. In the end, the victim suffers and has to deal with the aftermath.

Rideshare Periods and Insurance

Depending on when the accident occurs, the rideshare driver’s insurance provider may be responsible for compensation — not the company’s insurance. If the driver reports the accident, they become a liability. Make sure you get a legal team on your side to report the crash so that you can safeguard your rights.

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