pedestrians crossing a street

Common Victims In Rideshare Accidents

Millions of accidents occur each year. Unfortunately, many of the accidents that occur each year involve rideshare drivers. Several people can suffer injuries as a result of negligence, and it’s crucial to seek compensation. Below, we will detail the common people who suffer severe harm because of a rideshare driver’s negligent actions.

The Driver of Another Vehicle

Distractions can cause rideshare drivers to crash into other drivers when they lose focus on the road. Rear-end accidents are common with rideshare accidents because drivers scan for passengers and don’t look ahead of their vehicles.

If rideshare drivers are tired, they can also swerve into oncoming traffic and cause a head-on collision.

Pedestrians & Bicyclists

Some of the victims who can suffer the most catastrophic injuries in a rideshare accident are pedestrians. They have no protection like other motorists do. When a rideshare driver is distracted, pedestrians become the most vulnerable to harm.

Much like pedestrians, bicyclists are at risk of severe harm. Rideshare drivers may swerve into bike lanes when they try to pick up their passengers or because of distractions, and bicyclists can suffer severe injuries as a result.

Rideshare Passengers

Many passengers get into a rideshare vehicle expecting to reach their destination safely. Unfortunately, even after the driver has a passenger in the vehicle, they may look to their next fare. They may speed, drive distracted, or otherwise act recklessly and cause potential dangers to passengers in their vehicle.

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