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Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Lakeland, FL

It can be a difficult and emotional decision to place a loved one in the care of a nursing home or assisted living facility. It is assumed that these facilities will watch over their patients to ensure that they are kept safe and that professionals meet their needs. Many nursing homes, assisted living, or retirement home facilities meet these duties to protect their patients, however, some fail to uphold their responsibility to care for their residents. If you have entrusted your loved one’s care to a nursing home or assisted living facility and your loved one has suffered abuse, neglect, or mistreatment, Lakeland nursing home abuse attorneys may be able to help you seek justice for your loved one.

Nursing Home Abuse In Florida Facts And Statistics Infographic

Abuse and Neglect Defined

  • Abuse is an intentional infliction of harm or injury on a patient by using intimidation factors or enacting punishments that result in harm.
  • Neglect is the failure, whether intentional or unintentional, to provide a patient with necessary care to protect him/her from harm.

Types of Abuse and Neglect

Neglect and abuse can include physical, verbal, or sexual abuse. A few of the many types of abuse are:

  • Lack of proper medical care
  • Deprivation of food and water
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse, such as kicking slapping, pushing, beating
  • Emotional abuse
  • Medication errors

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

There are many warning signs that your loved one could be experiencing nursing home abuse or assisted living facility abuse. Warning signs of possible abuse or neglect include:

  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Bed injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Infection
  • Withdrawal or fear
  • Bruises
  • Poor hygiene

Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

According to The National Center on Elder Abuse, patients who have suffered abuse or neglect are more likely to suffer from psychological distress and additional health problems, such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, or heart problems than those who had not been victimized. A study conducted in 2000, revealed that out of 2,000 nursing homes interviewed, 44% of nursing home residents reported that they had been abused at some point. 95% of residents also claimed that they had suffered from neglect or had seen another resident suffer from neglect.

Nursing Home Patient Bill of Rights

The Florida Department of Health states that each nursing home resident has a bill of rights. Some nursing home patient rights include:

  1. Each resident has the right to individual dignity
  2. Each resident has certain privacy rights
  3. Each resident has the right to a prompt response to a request
  4. Each resident has the right to retain personal possessions and clothing as space permits unless it interferes upon the right of another patient
  5. Each resident has the right to know the name of the provider who is giving him/her medical services
  6. Each resident has the right to be given information about a diagnosis unless it is inadvisable or impossible to give the information to the patient
  7. Each resident has the right to express grievances to a health care facility regarding violations of patient rights

Read the full Florida Patient Bill of Rights here.

If You Suspect Abuse, Contact a Lakeland Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Today

While many nursing homes or assisted living centers offer excellent services to their patients, abuse and neglect happen. Many cases go unreported by patients or family members because they are not aware of negligence or abuse. If you believe that a loved one has suffered nursing home negligence or abuse, contact Lakeland nursing home abuse attorneys today. Personal injury lawyers may be able to file a nursing home negligence lawsuit on your loved one’s behalf. Call 1-888-BURNETTI to schedule a free consultation or fill out a free case evaluation at burnetti.com.

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