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Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys, FL

According to statistics released by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), almost 13,000 drunk driving fatalities occurred in 2007. Drunk driving accident attorneys at Burnetti, P.A. represent the victims injured in alcohol-related accidents caused by negligent drunk drivers.

Drunk Driving Lawsuits

If you or a loved one has been injured in an alcohol-related accident, including a car accident, truck accident, bicycle accident, or even wrongful death, you may be able to file a drunk driving lawsuit.

Filing a civil lawsuit against a drunk driver may help you obtain monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages, emotional anguish, and punitive damages. An attorney can help establish negligent parties in a lawsuit, including the driver, their insurance company, and even the establishment that served the alcohol.

How a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Helps Injured Victims?

Burnetti, P.A. fully investigates client’s claims and identifies legal rights. The experienced staff, including attorneys, investigators, and a former Florida Highway Patrol Traffic Homicide Investigator and Supervisor, use many techniques to review alcohol-related accidents, including:

  • Witness testimony
  • Police report evaluation
  • Medical evaluation
  • Crash site evaluation

Dram Shop Law

Drunk drivers and the establishments that served an intoxicated person, including bars, hotels, nightclubs or restaurants, may be held negligent and responsible for injuries or property damage that is caused by the recipient’s intoxication. Under Florida’s drunk driving law, or dram shop law, you may be entitled to file a claim against the establishment that sells or furnishes alcohol to a drunk driver if they are a minor, or if the establishment knowingly serves an alcoholic.

Restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs and other businesses that serve alcohol may purchase extensive liquor liability insurance to reduce their exposure to liability – money that you may be entitled to for your devastating drunk driving accident injury, medical bills, and lost wages. The Florida drunk driving accident lawyers at Burnetti, P.A. help clients fight the insurance companies that represent the owners of negligent establishments.

Drowsy Driving Prevention

The Drowsy Driving Prevention Week is a campaign to bring awareness and educate drivers on the dangers of driving while drowsy. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving causes more than 100,000 accidents each year, attributing to 1,550 deaths and 71,000 injuries annually.

Furthermore, a study by AAA revealed that one in six deadly accidents is caused by drowsy driving. The study also showed that over half of the drivers who admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel did it on a divided highway at a high speed. One-third of Americans admitted to falling asleep while driving in the past year.

In order to prevent accidents caused by drowsy driving, it is important to recognize the signs:

  • Excessive yawning
  • Inadvertently drifting from the lane
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Feeling aggressive or irritable

Drowsiness impairs drivers from being able to react quickly and studies show that being awake for more than 20 hours can equal the blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or the rate of legal impairment. Here are some tips to help stay alert while behind the wheel:

  1. Consume caffeine
  2. Avoid driving when you would usually be in a deep sleep
  3. Avoid medications and alcohol that can cause drowsiness
  4. Get a good night’s sleep before driving long distances
  5. Drive with a passenger to help keep you alert or take turns behind the wheel
  6. Pull over in a safe place to take a short nap to stay alert

Statute of Limitations

The Statues of Limitations laws in Florida requires a drunk driving accident claim to be filed in a timely manner.  If you miss the deadline, then you may not be able to file a compensation claim. A drunk driving accident lawyer is familiar with the statutes of limitations and can assist with meeting deadlines to help obtain maximum recovery.

What To Do If You See A Drunk Driver?

Drunk driver what to do banner by Burnetti, P.A.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 10,000 people lost their lives this year due to a preventable crime. Sadly, alcohol-related accidents increase during the holiday seasons more than any other time of the year.

In an effort to help keep you and your loved ones safe, it is important to notice signs of an intoxicated driver, such as:

  • Tailgating
  • Stopping erratically without cause
  •  Swerving or weaving across the road
  • Drifting between lanes
  • Responding slowly to traffic signals
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) created a list of four things to do if you see a drunk driver:

  1. Try to stay as far away from the suspected intoxicated driver as possible
  2. Avoid passing the vehicle or attempting to signal the driver to pull over
  3. Pay attention to the make and model of the car and if possible the license plate number
  4. Pull to the side of the road and call 911 with the location and description of the vehicle

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