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What are Some of the Signs that Your Loved One Has Been the Victim of Nursing Home Abuse?

Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

None of us ever think that we’ll have to move our loved one into a nursing home. But, people are living a lot longer these days. That doesn’t mean that we can take of our loved ones any better than we could years ago. At some point, we need to admit that our mom or dad would be better off living with people who can care of them. So nobody ever wants to get the phone call that their loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse. You may go to visit your parent and notice that their health is declining. Or, maybe they just appear unkempt or unhappy. There are all sorts of things that can cause their health to go downhill when they’re not being cared for properly.

This is why we always tell our clients to keep an eye out for the signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse. While you may not be able to prevent it, you can certainly put a stop to it as soon as it starts. Your loved one took care of you their entire life. Isn’t it time you took care of them?

If you suspect that your loved one isn’t being properly cared for, contact a Florida nursing home abuse attorney at Schneider Hammers. We’ll help you get to the bottom of things and make sure your mom or dad is properly cared for. And, if need be, we’ll help you pursue the nursing home and get your family justice.

What are the Different Types of Nursing Home Abuse?

Not all cases of nursing home abuse are obvious. Yes, there are cases when someone has been beaten or physically harmed by their caretaker. But, more often than not, nursing home abuse isn’t so easy to detect.

You need to keep in mind that there are several different types of nursing home abuse. Some of these include:

  • Physical abuse – Sadly, there are some nursing home employees who actually physically abuse their residents. Or, they let other residents physically harm them. It’s hard to imagine this, especially given the fact that these residents are so vulnerable.
  • Financial Abuse – This is a bit more common when it comes to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Employees may steal your loved one’s belonging or use their bank account information for personal reasons.
  • Sexual Abuse – This is not always what it sounds like. Some residents are exposed to sexual acts or language that equates with abuse.
  • Emotional Abuse – When your loved one is treated unkindly, it constitutes emotional abuse. This could include anything from being called names to being physically yelled at.

What are Some of Things You Should Look Out For?

If you suspect your loved one isn’t being treated properly, you need to be proactive. Visit them often. And, when you do visit, look for some of the more obvious signs of abuse and neglect. Some of these include:

  • Bruises or sores
  • Losing weight
  • They look unkempt or dirty
  • Their personal possessions are disappearing
  • They’re depressed or crying all the time
  • They tell you outright that someone is mistreating them
  • You notice strange withdrawals or payments coming out of their bank account

If you notice any of these things, you owe it to your parent to do something. Call our office and talk to one of our experienced nursing home lawyers in Lakeland right away.

Contact an Attorney if Your Loved One Was the Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

If you suspect your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, you should call us right away. Let our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers review your case. We can talk to your loved one and see if they’re being cared for properly. We can also help you transfer your loved one to a facility that will take proper care of them.

If you’re sure that the nursing home staff have not treated your mom or dad the way they should have, we can help. We’ll demand compensation for your loved one’s injuries and report the neglect and abuse. We want to make sure that nobody else suffers the same fate. We’ll also fight to make sure your family is compensated for your losses.

Call today and schedule your free initial consultation. You can sit down with a skilled lawyer who can answer any questions you may have. They can also let you know what your case may be worth. The consultation is free and you don’t pay anything until you settle your case.

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