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Traveling by airplane is arguably one of the safest methods of transportation; however, as with any method of transportation, there are still risks involved with flying. Airplane crashes, including commercial aircraft and private aircraft, can result in catastrophic consequences and grief for the crew, passengers and their families. Aviation wrecks may also impact people living near the crash site.

The Federal Aviation Administration, the United States Department of Transportation agency that oversees all aspects of United States civil aviation, including aircraft, airplane and airline travel, forecasts that the number of commercial flights and passenger volume is expected to climb; by 2023, more than 1 billion passengers will fly every year. An increased amount of flights and passengers may contribute to a correlating increased risk in airplane accidents in the air and on the runway. Whether the plane is a large commercial airplane, helicopter, prop plane, private jet or other aircraft, these accidents may result in burn injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or even death

Many factors may contribute to an aviation accident, including:

    • Pilot error
    • Runway defects
    • Fatigued pilots
    • Air traffic control violations
    • Erroneous flight manual information
    • Improper maintenance
    • Inadequate training
    • Weather
    • Mechanical failure
    • Defective parts


An airplane accident attorney may be able to help determine if there was any negligence involved in a plane crash, and who may be held legally responsible, including the airline, components and instruments manufacturers, airplane manufacturer, and subcontractors. Federal and Florida aircraft law is complex and intricate; experienced and knowledgeable lawyers at Burnetti, P.A. can help clients pilot the best course of legal action for a private or commercial accident.

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