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The commercial trucks that share the Florida roadways with passenger vehicles and motorcycles may weigh up to 88,000 pounds on designated routes, and up to 80,000 pounds on interstate highways; the average weight of a passenger car is 4,000 pounds.  Due to the size of these vehicles, trucking accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. If injured in an Orlando, Lakeland or Tampa accident, a trucking accident lawyer at Burnetti, P.A. may be able to help you; if the accident was caused by a negligent driver or trucking company, or a defective truck part, a trucking accident lawyer may be able to recover damages for your medical bills and losses.

Truck Accident Injuries

Injuries resulting from tractor trailer, 18-wheeler, or other large commercial vehicle accidents can be devastating, and may include:

These injuries may result in high medical bills and lost wages; obtaining legal counsel for financial recovery may help pay your expenses and recover your lost wages.

How Trucking Accident  Lawyers at Burnetti, P.A. Help the Injured

Lawyers at Burnetti, P.A. are knowledgeable about the extensive and complex web of federal and state trucking regulations, and also experienced in the common causes of trucking accidents. To determine liability, attorneys may investigate potential contributing factors including:

  • Were federal and state regulations violated
  • Was the driver qualified to drive the semi-truck
  • Did the driver have the correct commercial driver’s license
  • Did the big rig driver exceed the number of hours they were permitted to drive
  • Was the driver talking on a cell phone, texting, or engaged in other distracting behavior
  • Did poor road conditions contribute to the accident
  • Were the truck parts, equipment and accessories working and safe for operation
  • Did the motor carrier perform regular inspections, repair and maintenance, plus maintain and keep repair and inspection records
  • Was the driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Did the weight of the 18 wheeler exceed regulations
  • Was the driver speeding or failing to allow for adequate distance to stop
If No Recovery, No Fees and No Cost to You

Trucking accident injuries can cause pain, financial hardship, and uncertainty. If someone’s negligence caused you harm in an Orlando, Lakeland, or Tampa accident, trucking accident lawyers at Burnetti, P.A. may be able to help. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. To schedule your free consultation, fill out the free case evaluation form at

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